List of requirements that this paper should meet

Research paper is the last milestone before a student’s knowledge test and at the end of the course. There is a whole semester for its implementation. To write a good paper, it is necessary to conduct a lengthy scientific research, but for accurate confidence in the result, it is certainly better to turn to the experts for the paper.

Research paper writing steps: structure

  • Introduction
  • The theoretical part (literary review)
  • The practical part (analysis of the existing situation)
  • Recommendations for improving efficiency (improvement)
  • Conclusion
  • References and sources
  • Applications

If you don’t understand what it is about you may use different research paper writing tools as special companies. The introduction is a brief description of the problem being investigated and how to solve it. In the introduction, it is necessary to indicate the relevance, purpose, objectives of the study, the object, subject, theoretical basis, the degree of elaboration of the problem and the expected result of the study. The volume of the introduction is usually 2-3 pages.

The theoretical part (literature review) is a category definition that is used in paper, different views on these definitions, a description of those achievements in an area close to the topic that have already been achieved, and bringing new aspects that are not currently covered, and will be a novelty. Every paper should be new and relevant. To make a good review you need to spend at least a month. During this time, you can calmly handle all literary sources.

The practical part is the next part of the paper, which describes the current situation, which must be corrected for example, the analysis of the financial situation in the enterprise, or the personnel policy of the enterprise, or the existing methods and techniques of psychological analysis. This part identifies all positive and negative trends in the subject of the study and provides recommendations, the effectiveness of which is checked in the third part of the paper.

Recommendations for improving efficiency (improvement) are calculations, experimental results and discussion. The results are best presented in the form of graphic material (tables, graphs, figures, etc.) – this will facilitate both the process of understanding the essence of the paper and the presentation of the presentation, which must be prepared for protection. After bringing the results, it is necessary to conduct a reasoning and analysis of the data on the basis of which the results of the work are formed. In the process of reasoning, it is necessary to take into account all the smallest details and refer to literary sources in case of coincidence or discrepancy of the results with the results of similar papers.

The final conclusions are presented in the final chapter – the conclusion, in which, in addition to the results of the paper, it is necessary to make an assumption about the practical applicability of the study.

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